Biofarma US, LLC is a contract dietary supplements manufacturer. The Company specializes in high-quality probiotics and nutraceutical products, manufactured and packaged in its fully-equipped New Jersey production facility. We are dedicated to following and implementing the latest innovations and trends in the dietary supplements market in order to consistently provide high-quality products. Our focus is on thoroughly understanding clients’ requests and specifications to successfully manufacture superior quality products.

Biofarma US operates in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices CFR 21 Part 111 and 117 as well as ISO 22,000, ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. Additionally, the Company has developed its own standards and policies, including Quality, Management Review, and Social Responsibility policies. Biofarma US Quality Policy ensures high quality products and customer satisfaction through the continued awareness  and training of all members of the Company for their own contribution to product quality and their responsibilities. We are committed to implementing the latest industry standards, techniques, and high-quality materials for optimal results and customer satisfaction.